About our Services

Promotion of Sustainable Resource Management
Agricultural engineering services; Land Care; and Land Use Management

Promotion of Farmer Support and Development (FSD)
Post Farmer Settlement; Extension and Advisory services; Food security

Provision of Veterinary Services
Animal Health; Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety; Clinical Services; and Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostic Services

Execution of Technology Research and Development Services
Research; Information Services; and Infrastructure Support

Provision of Agricultural Economics
Marketing Services; Macro Economics and Statistics; Agricultural Disaster and Risk Management; and Comprehensive Rural Development Programme

Provision of Structured Agriculture Training
Structured Agricultural Training, and Further Education and Training

Promotion of Comprehensive Rural Development (CRDP)
Rural Development; Land & Agrarian Reform, and Community Mobilization

Provision of Land Administration
Planning and Surveying Services; Land Use Administration; and Land Reform Support.