Dardlea Vision and Mission

The Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Administration is guided by a vision, mission and values developed to inspire and ensure alignment towards achievement of the department's objectives.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a Vibrant, equitable, integrated and sustainable urban and rural communities with a world class, united and prosperous agricultural, forestry and fisheries sector with food security for all.

Our Mission

To lead and facilitate an integrated, comprehensive and sustainable development and social cohesion by participating and partnering with all sectors of society, through agriculture, rural development and land administration.

Our Values

Guided by the principles of Batho Pele, we will render services particularly based on the following values:

  • Professional staff that is result oriented in development and acts with honesty and integrit;
  • Show sensitivity to the needs of the citizens, particularly the poor, women, youth, the elderly and the disabled;
  • Encourage community owned and community driven development;
  • A learning organization that is participatory in its approach and grows from its experiences and new knowledge; and
  • Promote and improve effective, efficient and responsive departmental systems and use of resources.