Masibuyele Esibayeni Opportunities


Through the livestock improvement programme, the department is responding to the concerns raised by livestock farmers at their exclusion from the benefits enjoyed by crop farmers, who are assisted through the country renowned Masibuyele Emasimini Programme. Under the same programme, farmers are assisted with the indigenous Nguni Cattle, in a project that is collaboratively run with the University of Limpopo and the Independent Development Corporation. This programme started in 2011.

Importance of livestock

Livestock production plays a role in three aspects:

  • They make a significant contribution to food production through the provision of high value protein-rich animal products;
  • They indirectly support crop production through drought power and manure;
  • They stabilize supply; and finally, they are the most significant source of income and store of wealth for smallholders, thereby providing access to food.

Purpose of Masibuyele Esibayeni

  • To increase household level food security focusing on livestock production
  • To commercialize livestock production in the Mpumalanga Province
  • To improve the genetic material by supply of performance tested animals (bulls, buck ,ram, boar) including production and quality management
  • To re-introduce the Nguni cattle breeds in communal areas of Mpumalanga Province.

For more information on Masibuyele Esibayeni, download below:

Masibuyele Esibayeni Brochure

Masibuyele Esibayeni - Livestock Improvement Plan