Departments calls on the Youth to Protect the Environment

July 20, 2015 at 12:53 p.m

Mbombela Municipality - The Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs (DARDLEA) has called on schools and learners to protect the environment and take care of the natural resources for future generations.

Letsakuthula Primary School in Matsulu is one of the schools that the Department had listed to participate in the Junior Land Care Programme in the province, during the official launch of the Junior Land Care Awareness Campaign at the school.

DARDLEA's Land Care programme Coordinator in Mbombela Municipality Ms Murhandziwani Shivambu said the aim of the event was to educate and encourage schools to take care of the environment. According to Shivambu, these listed schools are expected to start their own food garden projects, and share agricultural skills to promote sustainable land use and food security.

"Land Care is a community-based programme, supported by government with the goal to optimise productivity and sustainability of natural resources resulting in greater productivity, food security, job creation and a better quality of life for all", said Ms Shivambu. She added that Junior Land Care empowers disadvantaged youth by providing them with facilitation and leadership skills to promote sustainable land use at home and in schools.

Shivambu says launching the Awareness Programme at the school will encourage the learners for their active involvement in preserving the natural resources. She promised to assist the school in taking their involvement in Land Care to another level, adding that Agriculture would be on the top of the list in the school's priorities.

As a beneficiary, Letsakuthulu Primary School has to adopt neighbouring schools and assist them to participate in agricultural activities effectively.

At the launch, the young people were taken through presentations outlining what needs to be done in order to preserve natural resources like water, soil, veld and Wetlands. All speakers advised learners be proactive and freely participate in agricultural activities in order to widen their knowledge about the environment. They also cited the benefits of having a Land Care programme in the school, food gardens to avoid soil erosion and the vegetables from the garden will also supplement the school feeding schemes.